Navigate the ups and downs of the market with the help of an investing pro. 

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Sure, you could wing it with investing and go after financial goals on your own. But what could you be missing out on by not tapping into the help of an investing pro?

An Investing Pro Can:

You won’t need to keep up with investment research or the stock market in your spare time.

You’ll have us helping you make informed decisions about your investing goals and financial needs.

Through market changes, we can be the voice of reason and help you stay focused on your goals.

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Here are some of the reasons people choose to work with SmartVestor Pros:




We know Ramsey values.

We won’t look at you funny for saving and getting out of debt before investing. And we agree to the Code of Conduct.


We're experienced.

We have at least two years of full-time experience as a registered investing professional.


We serve with excellence.

We’ll teach and guide but won’t intimidate. We also participate in ongoing sessions with a SmartVestor Coach to maintain high standards of customer service.

 Fun fact: The SmartVestor program helped make 675,000 connections last year alone!

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 These are some of the ways we can help:


Get a whole-picture perspective of your financial goals and support for each step of the journey. 

 Get clear on your options, ways to diversify your portfolio, and complex investing concepts.

Learn how to use a Roth IRA, 401(k), traditional IRA or other accounts to your advantage. 

Have a large nest egg? Get help to invest and protect it––and leave a legacy for those you care about 

Learn the ins and outs of college savings plans, like timing, eligible costs, investment options and taxes. 

 Make a plan for your family’s future and the wishes you want carried out after you pass away.


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