Our Mission

R. Scott Walker |

“We must have the clarity of vision to see the difference between what is essential and what is merely desirable.” — Ronald Reagan

Live your vision. Invest with purpose.

At WealthCare investments & Insurance, our mission is to help you. Vision, purpose, and success means different things to different people, and these differences influence the way people spend, save, and invest their money. Our financial planning process is designed to help you realize and gain clarity so you can master your money.

Money can be emotional. Uncontrolled feelings about spending, saving, and investing money may cause unwanted stress. Consequently, this may lead to decisions that create more stress. The money decisions you make today often have a greater impact on your financial future than any other type of risk or opportunity.

Your vision is unique to you; hence, what you ought to do is not the same as it is for the next person. Knowing your “why” is essential to having vision. Your “why” is your vision. Know your “why” and you will be successful.

“Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.” — Ecclesiastes 5:10 (NIV)

True richness is not measured by monetary wealth. Everyone wants more money, but fulfillment comes from living your vision. If you lack vision, how will you know if you have the resources to achieve it?

Financial and investment planning should always start with discovering and knowing your vision.

Let us help you live your vision.